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From: Chris Cains

Dear Success Seeker,

Hi, my name is Chris Cains and I want to take you YOU on a journey from being labelled as “sick, broke and stupid”, to see how I make up to $800/day and live the life of my dreams!

This is real world cutting-edge material and has nothing to do with:

Goal setting
Law of attraction
Positive thinking
Repeating affirmations
Time management
Overcoming procrastination

See Below As I Show You Proof

The Results Are In

I was invited to give a 1-hour presentation at a private seminar to share my journey and I presented this exact Secret Achiever Formula that you can get today. At the end of the seminar, I asked everyone:

What Value Do You Feel I Gave You With This Secret
Achiever Formula I Shared Tonight?

Here is what just a few of people at the LIVE seminar had to say:

This Took Me YEARS & Tens Of
Thousands Of Dollars To Figure Out

Several agonizing, gruelling years that I’ll never get back.

I was spinning my wheels for a long time, trying to figure on how I could finally make my mark in life.

What I discovered has my life (and thousands of others’ lives) around. What I’m about to share with you is so powerful that I positively SWEAR you can use it to completely change your life around.

This is nothing you have seen before and it’s far, far better and easier than anything else.

I don’t care who you are… I know that if it worked for me, it will work for you.

Here’s a little back story:

Just A Few Years Ago,
I Owed Over $100K In Debt
And Was In A VERY Dark Place

Back in 2004, I was absolutely miserable. I can guarantee I was even more frustrated than you were in life.

I had maxed out almost all my credit cards, didn’t want to tell my girlfriend and make her upset, and was WAY over $100k in debt.

I’m not kidding when I say suicidal thoughts were crossing my mind.

Up until 2004, I have dabbled in several business ventures for years. I kept trying various things but I hadn’t figured it out yet. My “main” income was from several side businesses that made me a few hundred dollars every month.

I thought I was in a prime position. I graduated from University with 2 business degrees.

I was motivated. I bought programs, attended seminars and tried dozens of schemes that promised me they would lead me to riches.

I wasn’t looking to “Get Rich Quick”… I was working hard and willing to do whatever it takes, yet I failed miserably.

I Tried Hard. I Tried EVERYTHING!

Along the way I tried:

“Invested” in real estate with “little or no money down” (didn’t worked out too well)

Networking marketing, worked hard for months with little financial success

Purchased a $20 starter kit to start an eBay business (didn’t make a single cent)

Studied charts... thinking I could make millions as a forex trader (ended up losing all my capital)

spending tens and thousands of dollars building websites that don't make a cent

bought countless 'business opportunites' from the back of magazines and classified ads

So broke that I had to work 3 jobs a day to feed myself

... and much much more.

Then There Was A Blow
Worse Than Anything…

The people in my life gave up on me. My long-time girlfriend proclaimed, “You have no resolve”. She was holding a safe and secure job and I had none.

Our relationship ended as she found courtship with a corporate radio ad executive.

And then there was my mother. For the first years after college, she cut me slack, but then came the failures.

I begged patience and pleaded that I needed more time to figure this out. Unfortunately, at the end, mom lost faith and I didn’t blame her.

Talk about devastating.

But you know what?

Somehow, some way, I was able to get back a positive state of mind. And from there… things were almost magical.

I Was Able To Turn Things Around…
And I’m Going To HAND YOU The
“Keys To The Kingdom” Too

If you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance that you can somehow relate to my earlier struggles and frustration. They lasted more than 3 long years and ended in November 2004.

That was the month that I made a realization and had an “ah-ha moment” that turned it around for me.

Today might be the day that turns it around for you.

See, early in the year 2005, I determined it’d be the year I would finally succeed.

Mom would kept asking when I would be able to clear my debts (thank God she had no idea how bad in debt I really was). I told her, “I’m working in it”… but the problem was I’d been saying that for years.

Postit on printer

This was the monitor I put the post-it on…

In 2005 I was so sick and tired of the B.S I sunk myself in.

Even if it cost my life, I need a way out... I was so determined that I wrote $250 (for $250 in income a day) on a small post it note and stuck it to my monitor (see proof to the left).

Back then, I was at the computer almost every day and I was hoping that the 250 goal on the note would burn into my very brain.

Unfortunately, 6 months later after my goal, I realized I’d made little progress and after my last pathetic attempt failed, I realized I was still in the very same grave I dug myself.

I was frustrated, devastated, crushed. Something had to change.

And finally – FINALLY – the light bulb moment came.

Introducing: Secret Achiever
Formula Blueprint
Component #1 To The Secret Achiever Formula

Secret Achiever Formula is the story of how I finally realized not only my “250″ goal, but more… and how YOU can replicate my success.

This is best described as a strategy. The strategy will cost you nothing. Once you understand it (the same day you read Secret Achiever Formula for the first time), your life might change the same way mine changed when I envisioned this strategy for the first time.

First… what ISN’T the Secret Achiever Formula? It’s simple. Secret Achiever Formula is NOT:

Goal setting

Law of attraction

Positive thinking


Repeating affirmations


Time management

Overcoming procrastination

This Formula Will Work To Give You
Your Heart's Desires!

This is a universal secret formula to getting anything you want. You can use this formula no matter what your dream or goal is:

It works to help you make more money...

It works to help you to get that girl of your dreams...

It works to help you get that promotion you wanted so badly...

It works to help you spend more time with your loved ones...

It works to help you get that dream car of yours....

It works to help you enjoy red-hot sex life with whomever you choose...

It works to help you command respect and authority

It works with ANYTHING!

Here Is How Else YOU Can Benefit From
This Secret Formula

To be honest, it’s common sense. But we’re humans, we tend to overcomplicate things. The strategy is so simple and easy to use that you’ll be frustrated that you didn’t think of it yourself.

But the important part now is that it WORKS… and it WILL help you.

I Make Up To $800/Day
Now With This Formula

Like I said, this formula is capable of manifesting all your dreams. Just days after the ah-ha moment that gave me that “WAKE-UP” call in my life, I came out with a powerful money-making idea that made me $800/day.

Coming off from a series of devastating failures, that was BIG!

Perhaps you think my turn in fortunes is just luck... maybe... but the fact is, once I had this formula mapped out. I learned how to be at the right place at the right time. The whole money-making idea that earned me all that money only took less than 4 HOURS.

Can you do the same thing? I can't guarantee anything specific at the moment. But I can - and will - put into your hands the formula that worked for me. And I'll tell you I'm very confident that as long as you have the desire to succeed, you'll see amazing results!

And it’s now your moment now to have in your hands the same exact formula I used to turn my life around.

But Wait... There’s More!

Secret Achiever Formula is an incredibly powerful course that will revolutionize your life. There’s information that can supercharge everything you do today onwards into a massive winning success.

That being said, I want to give you every unfair advantage you possibly can in changing your life for the better in the shortest time possible.

So here’s what I’ve specially arranged for you. I’ve pulled together a ton of bonuses material valued at well over $1,000.00. Today, you don’t pay if you order. NO charge. NO fee. NO price.

Introducing: Dream Accelerator Software
Component #2 To The Secret Achiever Formula

I had to think long and hard about including this software as a bonus in this package. I’ll explain why.

The results you can attain with this software has been so remarkable that its even abit scary. It literally ‘reprograms’ your mind to attract and manifest success in your life (while you’re seated in front of your computer).

It’s a simple, powerful and easy-to-use software... all it takes is 3 steps to activate it on your computer

Step 1: Install the software (takes less than 2 minutes)

Step 2: Run the software, choose the area of your life you wish to attract massive success in.

Step 3: Click on activate, sit back and let the software do all the hard work for you.

It’s really that simple and easy. Simply do the above – nothing more, nothing less – the results you achieve will be hard to believe.

There are no excuses, anyone can do this…

As a “priceless” bonus for quick action... I want to gift you with 5 “super gifts” that could easily be worth many times more to you than the price of the package itself.

Introducing: 5 Bonus Super Gifts
Component #3 To The Secret Achiever Formula

Bonus #1: How To Position Yourself As An Expert And Make $10,000/Month Or More!

Yes, this amazing report alone will reveal you the secrets to instantly position yourself as an expert and start making serious money. Forget about expensive degrees and MBAs. When you use the simple techniques in this amazing report, you’ll instantly transform into an in-demand expert that receives BIG PAYCHECKS!

Bonus #2: How To Crack Creativity Instantly To Unleash Your Talents For Money and Fame!

This red-hot report contains knowledge so powerful, that if you use this information, it will supercharge your brainpower. You’ll find youself understanding everything faster and easier. You’ll be able to create new ideas quickly that can be exchanged for fame and fortune.

Bonus #3: Confessions of Self Made Millionaires: The True Secrets behind Being Wealthy

With this killer report, you’ll be fully empowered to blast your way to financial freedom. Don’t worry if you’ve little or no money now. In the next few moments, you’ll soon discover how these self made millionaires unearth large fortunes with no money down.

Bonus #4: How To Vastly Increase Your Energy And Vitality In 7 Days (Greatest Health Secrets Ever!)

Forget about complicated nutrition and health guides. When you use the greatest health secrets ever recorded in this killer report, be prepared to a new surge of raw energy into your life. I’ve included all the key information on just every health secret imaginable. Simply take any secret, use it to beautiful health – you’ll be amazed and delighted by this incredible package!

Bonus #5: The Secret To Winning every Single Time... In Everything You Do

This last “super bonus” is a secret report that is not available at any price in which i reveal the tricks on how exactly how to rise above the competition in every aspect of your life. So that you can enjoy all the happiness, prosperity and MONEY you want... any time you want it!

Right now, you really a just a few clicks away from getting this massive life-changing package that’s going to make your life richer and easier an absolute snap.

But you really have to act now!

Download The Secret Formula
And Bonuses Now!

You won’t have to wait for this package to be shipped out to your residential address.

You don’t have to worry if this is some mail-order scam that’s going to leave you with a pack of garbage that you’ll have to stand in line at the post office with so you can send it back to the scamming company.

These secrets have been converted to digital format, and the great thing about anything in digital format is that their delivery is made convenient and instantaneous.

So you can have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to these secrets, and all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse.

Simply click the button below to order.

(I reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning.)

I understand that before you invest in the Seccret Achiever Formula, you may have one last question on your mind.

How Much Is This Life-Changing
Resource Going To Cost Me?

Let's be frank here.

I can easily make a handsome profit from revealing these secret formula to you.

You have seen it yourself. People were willing to shell out $10,000 easily for this secret formula because of its life-changing potential.

Attend any reputable self-improvement seminar or consult any highly qualified therapist or life coach and you can expect to pay that kind of money and still NOT receive anything close to what I'm about to share with you!

This secret formula has been written in such a way that even a 12 year old child could understand and use it to instantly become smarter or richer!

I had initially intended to sell this formula to the highest bidder, to a select few (already rich) businessmen who wanted more out of life, but I can’t in good conscience help those who don’t need these secrets.

I wouldn’t be any better than the ones who have been trying to keep these secrets from the public!

So for a limited time only, I’m offering these Secret Achiever Formula for a mere $197 $97 $47.

Regular Price $197 Today $47

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You Need To Act Now!

I’m only offering 200 copies of “Secret Achiever Formula”. If you’re serious in getting ahead in life, achieving your dreams, you must hurry!

Because something as cutting-edge and powerful like this one is sure to be sell-out quickly… and taken off the market forever!

Why am I only giving away 200 copies?

The answer is simple. I want this to be reserved exclusively for go-getters. People that are ready to take action and seize the golden opportunity when it is presented.

This is strictly not for procrastinators!

So be sure to take advantage of this offer before all 200 copies are long gone!

And for any reason, you’re still in doubt… let me make take all of the risk off of your shoulders and put it squarely on mine, with my:

You Clearly Have 2 Choices…

1) You can take the normal route – the one where you don’t take up the “Secret Achiever Formula” – and watch your life unfold exactly as it has already…

… money will always be a problem…
… paying the bills will always be a problem…
… and you’ll probably always wish you could quit your job and tell your boss where to go.

Or... there's the other route.

2 ) The route where you go ahead and jump on this opportunity while you can... and suddenly everything changes:

Within a few months you be making more money than ever and living the life of your dreams.

Suddenly you can pay all your bills with no problems...

... and you've got so much free time, you may have to find some new hobbies.

So that's the choice you're looking at today - you can go on with your life as it is, always hoping, always fighting to provide a decent existence for you and your family.

Or you can join the “Secret Achiever Formula” club, and kick your life into overdrive... and then never have to worry about making ends meet ever again.

Think about it for a second - everything you've done with your life so far has got you to where you are today. If you want to get past this point, you need to do more...

So do it.

Hit the button below, and you’ll have the absolute power to master your destiny!

YES Chris, Give It To Me Now!

I Want To Change My Life Today

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To Your Success,

P.S. There are currently less than 20 copies of “Secret Achiever Formula” available. Trust me, this will sell out very soon. If you want it, don’t wait and click on the ‘Add To Cart’ button now.

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